11 June 2012

Baby Bee is 2!

Hopefully, it doesn't age me to say things like "it seems just like yesterday that. . ." because I've been saying plenty of stuff like that lately. Case in point, Baby Bee is 2 as of today. Which is crazy. I have no idea where the last two years of my life have gone. Other than student teaching and a soul-sucking property management job. So maybe I'd just rather pretend I have no idea where the years have gone, rather than feel that, as far as the property management job is concerned, I have been squandering my time.

Anyway, Saturday was the family celebration since today I am again squandering my time at a soul-sucking job. My dad and stepmom came over and we had a lovely time with Baby Bee (who I really can't call 'Baby' anymore, as she is officially a toddler AND will be moved to being the middle child in July when a little boy arrives). We went to Build-A-Bear in the mall and I had to buy she and Bug's bears shoes, because no one should be shoeless, even teddy bears. Also, while the store itself was very organized and flowed well, it was still way overstimulating for me. Baby Bee and Bug kind of got glassy eyed when trying to pick out clothes. Thank heavens for Disney Princess dresses or we would have been there for hours.

After a quick trip to the candy store and a stop for throwing pennies in the mall fountain, it was nap time. Which did not happen, so we had lunch and birthday cake instead. And then Baby Bee, Mrs. Mime, my stepmom, and I all took naps while my dad entertained Bug with a play dough kit he and my stepmom had brought her.

Evidence that I don't always forget my camera for big events:

Baby Bee looking at her burning candles with delight - could we have another pyro in the family?

Blowing out the candles. 

Bug laughing at Grandpa being silly.

Playing with play dough, shortly before both Baby Bee and I crashed for a quick nap.

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Krystal Baker said...

Beautiful children! How fun to have them close enough to celebrate such events. :)