06 August 2009

Moments of Truth

Ever have those moments in which something random, from a film or song or story hits you with impressive and inordinate force? Maybe it is just me, but I was watching Last Chance Harvey (which is marvelous and should be required watching for anyone who enjoys Emma Thompson or Dustin Hoffman) and Emma's character Kate says "You see, what I think it is, is . . . is I think that I’m more comfortable with being disappointed." This line almost made me cry. I am, especially in matters of men, dating, relationships, etc., very much more comfortable being disappointed. It is much safer than getting one's hopes up. Which seems a very sad way to live one's life, however many times one has previously been disappointed or had one's hopes dashed. It has given me something to ponder. Any thoughts?


Treat Queen said...

Loved that film.

The question is, will you be the one who just accepts disappointment, or will you continue to look for happiness amongst the disappointment?

panini said...

i thought that was the most profound comment! i loved that movie.

Heather said...

Oh this is so my life too. It easier to just be okay with disappointment. I'm totally in the same boat right now.. it's just so hard to open up over and over.. or at least THINK you're opening up.. at least you're TRYING to open up.. only to be disappointed again and again. Where is the balance?

I don't know exactly what to tell you, other than keep doing what you're doing, have faith and know that you will receive the blessings you've been promised. The Lord's time table stinks as far as I'm concerned.. but that's just the way it is. As long as we're doing some small part in working towards our goals.. he won't let us fall.. we just might have to wait longer than we think humanly possible.

anyway.. probably didn't help.. but I so get what you're saying. it is so tempting to let that be our motto.

esperanza said...

I love those moments of truth - that is what writers write for and movie makers make film for. Great insight.

chosha said...

Ooh, an opportunity to make a very real - probably too real - comment. Do I want to do that? :) I guess I do.

I have reached a stage where I no longer believe that anyone will ever want to be with me. Why? Because several months ago I finally opened myself to the possibility that after a long time, someone did. And yeah, I was wrong. And what hurt the most I think was that (he did not say this, by the way, he's not that much of a bastard) it was obvious somehow that he felt I should have known the reality of the situation already. That somehow I should have known that this could not be so. And I just don't want to do this any more.

And yes, emotionally it's safer and easier. But it isn't painless, and I don't think I would ever use the word 'comfortable' to describe how I feel about being alone.

(Good movie though. :))