14 May 2009

This Is What I Have Time For

I know I have abandoned you, dear readers, these many weeks but I have been very, very busy. I do have a new car, which I should get a picture of, and my citation got deferred. If I can keep my driving record clean for the next year, I will be in the clear. Yay! Since I should really be reading a book I have to discuss tomorrow in a history class, I'm just going to post a few pictures to give you a look at what I have been up to lately. I promise I will be back soon, but this term, despite fewer credits, takes up way more time!

The Experience Music Project in Seattle

The Bug, getting ready to crawl

A poster in the women's restroom at The Science Fiction Museum in Seattle

The ward 50s/60s Sock Hop

The view from Larrabee State Park

One of the bright purple starfish you can find in the tide pools at Larrabee State Park

Flower Child and I enjoying the sun at Larrabee State Park one Friday afternoon

Another view from the park


Heather said...

Oh Yay!! You're alive! I have been thinking about calling you for weeks! Have I done it? sorry. It has been a surprisingly busy two weeks for me too, with a crappy ending. But whatever.

Looks like you're having fun. I hope you're good. I will call soon.

beautiful pictures. Happy new car! and cool starfish. I'm quite confident you're driving record will be clean for the next 10 years :)

Katie said...

Oh how I have missed you, my friend! Sound like you've been up to lots of fun, even in the midst of stress. =-)

Treat Queen said...

I love that pic of you at the sock hop! So cute!

Miss Parker said...

You posted, wicked sweet. I want that sculpture and every guitar in it. Quel surprise.

esperanza said...

Well I think you look gorgeous in the 50s picture! And we do need to see your new car!