13 December 2008

Bad Flashbacks To Nursery

So, two of the wards in our stake put on a performance of The Forgotten Carols. Did they invite the young single adults to join them? Not so much. They invited us to run the children's rooms they provided so the adults could enjoy the performance in peace. Which is fine. I volunteered, I went and I had a fine time. But as much as I hate to label children, some of them were hellions. And as the performance stretched past 8:30 pm ALL the children became tired, cranky, stinky, and/or obnoxious. There were a pair of sisters who wouldn't stop crying for their mom who, in fairness to her, warned us that they might and told us to come get her if they didn't. And then disappeared into a darkened gym. Good times. By 9 o'clock I had changed a stinky diaper, dealt with a hysterical little girl's bloody lip after she ran into another kid, and wiped countless snotty noses. I don't regret volunteering, but I would like to say it made me feel WAY better about being single and childless at this moment. A lot better. To the point of being smugly self-satisfied as I watched parents bundle up their crying children and exhaustedly walk them out of the nursery rooms. Then I walked out to my car to find it in full-on Point-of-the-Mountain-Utah-blowing-vertical-snow-blizzard mode. And I, unlike the children, and the other YSAs who were making snow angels, was not amused. It took me 25 minutes to get home. It usually takes me 5. Good thing church doesn't start until 11 am tomorrow.


Treat Queen said...

Sad thing is, those are the times that make me want children. Yeah, I'm one of those crazy people.

aquamarine said...

The fair person in me wants to say, for rude on the no invite to be part of the activity other than babysitters. But the parent in me wants to pay you large sums of money for that priceless evening you gave those parents, of quiteness. :)

ZB said...

UHhhhhhhhh, that stinks. Why did it go so long?

Scully said...

I have no idea, I just know the performance was long enough to need an intermission and some parents picked up their kids then rather than wait until it was over. Which was fine by me!

Heather said...

I find it very strange that your ward wasn't invited.. actually quite strange. But that was nice of you to volunteer.

I'm afraid I agree with Treat Queen.. we're pathetic that way too. :) It's like. here.. let me wipe this child's nose and pretend like their mine... you don't mind do you mom and dad?? :)

Nice shout out to the point of the mtn! It is snowing like crazy right now.. and I have yet to leave my house for work.. ugh.

BUT! only 4 more days til I'm HOME!!!!!