02 April 2008

One More For Me To Spoil!

I like to spoil the children of my friends.  I feel this is my right as the honorary aunt.  That and whispering sweet liberal nothings in their ears while they sleep.  But I digress.  I have a new little one to spoil, one who is actually related to me (who, despite being my cousin, I will probably always refer to as my nephew because of the 29 and 1/2 year age difference). Yesterday my aunt The Accidental Housewife and her husband Mr. Big had their son!  The 8 lb 9 oz bundle of joy arrived a little before 3pm yesterday and has a bit of brown hair and eyes that will probably turn brown.  I have already bugged Mr. Big about getting some pictures, so if they say it is ok, I will post them here for my friends to coo over.  The Accidental Housewife and Mr. Big are still in name negotiations (actual suggestions by Mr. Big: Axel and Huckleberry), so we will just have to continue to refer to the little one as Junior.  Maybe I should humour Mr. Big and refer to his son as Axel on my blog.  Maybe that would soften the blow.


Heather said...

How about Bronco? Maxum? Silvester? I think he's on to something here!

Congratulations AH & MB.. this is very exciting!! I hope all are happy and healthy!

Katie said...

Congratulations to them! That is so exciting. Please do post pictures ASAP!