04 October 2007

The Verdict Is In

I told you I would review the following TV shows last week, but then I found out that Pushing Daisies wasn't even premiering until last night and I was uncertain about what I should write about Bionic Woman after just one episode. I still am kind of uncertain, but I figured I should just get this done and then I could watch The Office guilt-free.

I have to admit, I'm kind of meh about this show. I didn't think I would be, seeing how addicted I was to The X-Files, Dark Angel, and Alias. I obviously like shows with strong female leads, a dose of sci-fi, and some action. I should be the target demo. But this show lacks something the others had that I can't quite describe, even to myself. I want to say 'fun', but that doesn't seem right. Maybe I mean humor, but I don't know if a few snappy lines would help, although most of the dialogue does need help. I think I saw some of the actors die a little inside during a few of their scenes. Maybe I don't find it clever enough. Whatever it is, it is missing something. Because I spent much of the pilot episode wishing the show focused on her little sister's life, as it seemed much more interesting. Also, I should not be able to pay more attention to the wardrobe than the plot AND still know what is going on and predict what will happen next. And as you can tell from the above list of TV addictions, I am willing to suspend A LOT of disbelief, but I can't stop being nitpicky about this show. If the nano-bytes (or whatever they are called) can filter out cigarette smoke as one character asserted in the pilot, how does the lead get drunk in the second episode? Wouldn't the nano-whatevers metabolize the alcohol so it doesn't effect her? And even if she did get drunk in the moment, wouldn't the nano-whatevers filter it enough in her sleep that she wouldn't wake up hung over? My last nit-pick isn't just about this show, but more about what writers do to most female leads in dramas like this one and the others I mentioned - they use reproductive issues to up the drama. They did it in The X-Files, they did it in Alias, they did it to a lesser extent in Dark Angel. Why is it that when writers want to really torment a female lead, they focus on their uterus? I have never once seen a plotline revolving around aliens, government agencies, rogue scientists, or cultists messing with a man's reproductive abilities, so why is it the go-to plotline to introduce tension, drama, or angst in a female lead's life? Any thoughts you might have would be totally welcome. Also welcome, your thoughts on Bionic Woman.

I can't give you a full review of Pushing Daisies, as I only caught the second half of the pilot last night because I was helping the Young Woman sew bags out of placemats. Which was an interesting undertaking. Anyway, what I saw, I liked. It was cute, twee, whimsical, and visually wonderful. The best description I can come up with is that it is as if Roald Dahl wrote a tv script. I found the characters engaging. It is possible the whole experiment could go horribly awry and become so enamoured with its whimsy and twee-ness (is that even a word?) that it makes one ill. But even with all the whimsy, it still seemed more real and full of more heart than shows set squarely in reality. I'll let you know if my opinion changes after I watch the full episode this weekend.


esperanza said...

Bags out of placemants? For what? The only time I remember doing that was to stuff them and make soft seats for football games and the like...but that was at Brownie camp I think. did they turn out cute? Wait...are they those cute scripture bag placemat purses?!?

ZB said...

I'd like to hear about those bag out of placemats....go on!
And have you ever considered getting a job as a journalist? in maybe the reviews section? Just a thought.

Scully said...

It is the scripture bag idea, E. You get a fabric placemat, sew the two sides together, tack the bottom corners is such a ways as to create a more square bottom, then attach whatever sort of handle you want. It is actually pretty easy, but since the counselor said she would handle it, then forgot to get the pattern from someone, I had to improvise. Also a plus, only 4 YW and two sewing machines. Plus, two had the same placemat and the others both had similar color schemes, so no thread or bobbin changing!

ZB - Our local paper really doesn't do the reviewing of things and I think you kind of need a journalism or English degree or something.

Heather said...

I have one of those placemat scripture bags.. I love it. It's way cute.. and gives me room to smuggle treats into stake conference and things like that.. although the white ribbon handle is very dirty right now.

Well, I never saw the old bionic woman shows... so I don't have that to compare them too. I did like the pilot episode a little better than the second episode. I am not really a huge fan of the head Jonas guy.. he is a little dry and cheesy. He is supposed to come off tough, but with lines like "we're saving the world.. are you in or are you out"??.. kind of lame and very cliche... all those biotech people seem to be a little robotic in their characters and lines.. I will still probably watch it for a little while to see how it goes. I really like the girl who plays Jamie though.. for some reason I think she's adorable.. maybe its her voice. I like the special effects and haven't minded the fight scenes at all.. I am not as picky as I should be I guess. But I do think their lines could use some major help.

Panini said...

What is the EXACT date of your birthday? I can't find where I put your soon-to-be-favorite birthday card, and I need to know how soon I have to start ripping down the house. :)

Scully said...

10/19. And Panini, you are going to have to explain that email I got today. Did I miss something?