18 June 2007

Random Thoughts

I am completely scatterbrained lately, for obvious reasons, and have not been able to put a coherent thought together, so here are a bunch of random thoughts.

-- I realized last week that I actually like my job. I know! I haven't felt that in, well, ever. I'm training to take on another position and am actually feeling like a part of a company. Such a new and wonderful feeling.

-- I forgot how beautiful this place could be in spring and early summer, before the weather hits 90+. The green of the circles, the smell of freshly-cut hay and growing mint, the contrast between the irrigated fields and the dry edges. The blue of the sky. I'll have to take pictures to share with you all.

-- Everyone should go see Ocean's 13 because it is just plain fun. Plus, it is two hours of George Clooney, whom I adore, and lots of other nice-looking men who I know lots of people enjoy looking at, but who fade into the background when compared to my beloved George. Don't mock, I know I'm obsessed and I'm fine with it.

-- People should not tell me, in all seriousness and with no HINT of humour and/or sarcasm, that my mother can now help me find my eternal companion. EVER. It is not comforting and is rather insulting. Like I need divine intervention or I am completely unmarriageble. Hello?

-- I am completely addicted to caffeinated sodas. I crave them on a daily basis. I really must do something about this, but as I'm still exhausted after sleeping from 10:30pm to 7:15am, I don't really know what.

-- Even though I like my job, I still feel I'm being punished every morning when I have to drive to work and none of the children are going to school. I think we should ALL get June through August off.


Treat Queen said...

Yeah for liking your job!! That is always a good thing. And I went home last week and I forgot just how beautiful it was also. Especially after being here where even the greenest green is brown. And I fully agree about Ocean's 13, but I prefer the other men to George Clooney. Actually I like them all

aquamarine said...

I am glad to hear the news of your job being more enjoyable! It makes the punishing feeling from not getting the summer off a little easier to handle. ;)

If Ocean's 13 is as good as 11 and 12 I am in. It doesn't have an ugly bone in its body.

And, what are people thinking?!? Honestly!! You are not spousal challenged and "intervention" is not needed! Good Grief!

Nemesis said...

Please tell me there are NOT actual people who say that about your Mom. Where do they even get off discussing where she is or what they imagine she's doing? Also, why on the earth would they want to be bringing up your singleness at a time like this?

I have everyone.

But I love you.

two forks said...

amen to the divine intervening mom comments. back off everybody! and i am excited for ocean's 13 now! i wasn't too fond of ocean's 12 but i hear 13 makes up for it!

Jared said...

I told you oceans 13 was great. I love how it all tied together... and the ending was hilarious. I love caffenine two... oh yeah and random thought... THE NEW WHITE STRIPES ALBUM IS FRIGGEN SO COOL! sorry just had to say that.

Scully said...

Nemesis, I am completely and totally serious about the Mom/eternal companion comments. So I told them I asked her to focus on George Clooney and that shut them up pretty quickly. Especially since they are uber-conservatives and thus hate Hollywood.

Panini said...

No way! I can't believe anyone said that to you. p.l.e.a.s.e. (back off, buddy!) :)

And I'm right with you on the caffeine, only I've been giving it up. I'm on day 2 now, and I can't tell you how bad the headaches are . . . all blasted day long . . . and worse at night. Tarnation!

That's so cool that you're enjoying your job. What a surprise! I didn't think it was possible at the company. Yay! :)

Anonymous said...

I bet I know who said that, which makes it unsurprising yet no less insulting. Lame! Yay for liking the job.


Accidental Housewife said...

Seriously! Some people need a course at the remedial school of tact. Great answer, though - I'm so proud!

ZB said...

Um...first, I loved reading the random thought (makes me miss you tho). B) when people talk about the marriage thing I'm telling you ..you gotta use what I used. "Why aren't you married?" (lame person)..."I'm just not pretty enough" (me). Worked everytime in shutting people up fast.
And lastly, I'm very glad that you like your job.

Scully said...

ZB, I think I owe Farmboy a huge apology for not listening to him about the whole title business thing in the first place.