08 January 2007

The New Year

I've never been very good at the New Year's resolution thing, and since this year's resolutions are pretty much the same as last year's, I won't bore you with them. Maybe I'll just give you an update on the progress I made last year and where I'm going.

-- Still haven't finished Jesus the Christ, although I did start. I checked it out from the library and renewed it as many times as they allowed but still didn't get past page 200. So here's to starting again!

-- I'm halfway to my weight-loss goal and now that I don't have to be in an office for 8 hours a day, I should really go the rest of the way. On the plus side, I did walk to the Gateway to do some shopping and spent 1/2 an hour on the treadmill today. Working out is a lot easier when you are watching Ellen. Plus, no one is in the gym at 4 in the afternoon.

-- The whole unemployment thing really put a halt to the whole Get Out of (Car) Debt thing, but at least I can still make the car payments.

-- Ditto on the financial savvy. Although I did manage to transfer the 401k to an IRA, so three cheers to me. And to Rusty the financial advisor at Washington Mutual.

-- I decided my bliss is to be a published author and I now have 7 pages and 3/4 of an outline for a novel. Plus, I picked up the 2007 edition of the Novel and Short Story Writer's Market today at Barnes & Noble. It is a handbook on how to get published and has lists of literary agents and publishers etc. Can't wait to dive in!

-- I actually made a couple new friends this year which is great and takes a lot of doing. I have also attended a few select church activities, which is really out of my comfort zone.

-- I have been learning some basic computer stuff, like the rudiments of HTML and Quickbooks, which has been interesting. Still haven't found the funds for community classes or the dedication to regularly attend Institute, but it will happen.

-- Still a horrific journal keeper, but I did write on the blog fairly regularly, also the previously mentioned embryonic novel.

-- I did go through my closet a couple of times this year, mostly to weed out things that just didn't fit anymore (yay!) but I still own 5 black skirts so I'm sure I could improve. I am facing a move in about 5 weeks, so maybe I'll work a little harder at this.

-- The unemployment issue, plus some other personal crises, did nothing to improve the Worst-Case Scenario habit, nor lower the stress levels, but I have, little by little, learned what is important and what is not and some things I have just stopped obsessing about. Maybe that is the whole point.

As I look back, not bad. A little progress in most areas is something to be proud about, right? So here's to 2007. May it be a better year than 2006.


CherBear said...

Very nice Scully! It's just as important, if not more so, to look back at your old goals and evaluate your progress as it is to make new goals. I think a lot of people miss that with New Year's Resolutions. You've inspired me to set some goals for myself too!

Esperanza said...

I think that sounds like a very good year, and you are such an interesting person! I know that sounds cheesy, but look at your goals! I still have not done a review on mine...working on it! p.s. did you buy anything fun at the Gateway?

aquamarine said...

Progress is always something to be satisfied with!!! No matter how small it may feel! It is so much better than backwards.

Panini said...

what a good idea! And way to go!! I didn't make resolutions last year, but I wish I'd made them this year--so I could do this next year. Maybe I still will; you've inspired me.