26 September 2006


Since I haven't any job to complain about or crazy stories to tell about a boss, I thought I would share some random statistics of my past two weeks.

Days Out of Bed Before 10AM - 1
Resumes Submitted - 3 or 29 or 57. I've kind of lost count.
Hours Spent Watching M*A*S*H Reruns - 27
Interviews - 1
Cell phone minutes wasted talking old office through things - 52
Temper tantrums thrown - 3 (the latest being when I called the old office about my severance and a nice girl named Megan answered the phone. Apparently they needed an administrative assistant they could pay $8 an hour.)
Days spent wandering to Sam Weller's Books on Main Street to drool over old books I can't afford - 3
2nd Interviews - 1 (tomorrow yay!)
Vampire dreams - 2
Flying dreams - 1 (haven't had one of these since I was in grade school - they are awesome! Basically, I can fly. Good times.)

Anyway, thanks for all your thoughts and good wishes. I really feel good about this second interview tomorrow and from what was said at the first interview, if all things go well, I could be employed next week. So fingers crossed people!


Panini said...

yea about the interview! and the very deserved relaxation!

aquamarine said...

I love how they are now administrative assistants. Secretary people, secretary. I was one so I can say that. But great news about the second interview. This is awesome news! I will keep my fingers crossed, definitely!

Esperanza said...

Fingers crossed, and prayers sent to heaven ;)

Jared Jensen said...

Hi scully! this is jared funny blog!

Scully said...

Hey Jared - how is life?

And it is Executive Administrative Assistant. Basically, it means a dollar more an hour and 10x the responsibility. The second interview went well, it sounds interesting and eventful. So here is hoping I get a call on Friday!

Jared Jensen said...

Im doing good. The office is a good show (reading your previous posts) Yeah as i can tell by your post youve watched a lot of M.A.S.H reruns. Thats a pretty good show too.

Katie said...

Yea for 2nd interviews =-) I hope it went well!